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How to Organize Your Master Closet

Change is not an event, it’s a process.

—  Cheryl James

Sorting out clothes, shoes, accessories can quickly become overwhelming without a good organization!

That’s why arranging your closets is something you should take time to focus on.

Depending on the number of items you wear and must tidy up, the amount of space you have for storage.

A good closet organization is vital. Here you will find all our advice to become masters of home, closets organization!

How to organize your closet

A closet can be summed up as a tall recess or wardrobe with a door, used for storage. Often, our wardrobe is full of clothes, but we don’t find the right thing to wear. Mainly because we don’t see everything we have in them. That’s why a proper sorting out is essential!

To organize your closet, start by hanging your coats, scarves, all that can be out of the way. For people who like to hang every piece of clothing, the hanger is an element that should be paid attention to. It can make a big difference.

Closet organization and seasoning

You will have to do turnovers in your organization. For summer, update your closet by keeping only light clothes. In wintertime, be careful: you will need more space as you will need more heavy clothes! The trick is for autumn and spring because the weather is often uncertain. Keep mid weather clothes. It is also up to you to see if you need a simple rotation of your closet or a bigger sorting out every time. It depends on what you have, your space, and your personality.

There are a few steps for sure to get the clothes sorted, right! First, empty the wardrobe on your bed and make piles of what to keep, what to store somewhere else in your house, and what you have to eliminate. Set aside the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Depending on their condition, you may decide to give them away, sell them, or put them directly in the bin/trash.

Also, you might find out a few items that need repairing, deep cleaning. Prepare them for the dry cleaner, shoemaker, and or dressmaker. After this process, you should see much more evident in your closet organization!

Hanging your clothes

To start with, we recommend you double the height of the cupboard if possible, to increase the hanging space. Replace the iron hangers – they age badly and damage your clothes – buy new hangers. It will help you also to have a clear vision of your dressing room. Non-slip hangers are suitable for hanging slippery clothing pieces, and wooden hangers are right for heavy things—for instance, jackets, costumes, coats. Once you have suited hangers well-fitting your clothes, it will have a beautiful first look, and you will already feel better about your closet organization and clothes storage in general.

Moreover, of course, don’t forget always to get rid of the clothes and accessories you don’t use regularly. For instance, every season do a shift and a big sort out. Replace, remove, and keep only the essentials! It will help you tidy your closet but also gain time!

Organize your closet and your day

Now that you have gained clarity and time by having everything in order, all that you have to do is to organize your closet itself. Suspend and fold your clothes according to the capacity you have. The main aim is to arrange your clothes, so it is easier for you to choose how to dress promptly when you have to be ready in the morning. Our tip is to prepare your clothes the night before and put them on a pull-out hanger! By organizing your closet, you will find that you will start your days more easily!

If you are messy, or if you have quite many clothes, shoes, accessories and that you don’t know how to deal with certainty,feel free to contact our Neatly Tidy organizing team!

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