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How to Declutter your Kitchen

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

— Benjamin Franklin

The kitchen is a major room in a house!

A place where you are likely to spend a lot of time! To cook, to take your meals, to gather with your family. That’s why it is essential to organize this space wisely. This room has to be beautiful, convenient. Every item has to have its dedicated square of space. Moreover, you must keep in mind safety in the kitchen with tricky objects such as knives, cleaning products, hotplates, and so on.

NeatlyTidy gives you here all its advice on how to organize your kitchen optimally!

Cooking in the kitchen

Have you always dreamt about becoming a great chef? Do you think it is too complicated? No worries, with a few arrangements and tips, it is entirely possible for you! You don’t necessarily need a big kitchen to be a fantastic cook!
More and more great chefs operate in tiny but well optimized and organized spaces.

We are here to help you at this level. The goal is to have only the utensils you need, not overcrowded countertops, just a practical, functional kitchen where there is a place for everything, and everything is tidy and in order!

Organize your kitchen

So, how to start organizing your kitchen? First, clear the space. Look at which objects, items, appliances are being used, and how many times a day.

It is essential that you only keep at hand what is indeed used every day. In this process, remove duplicates, utensils, and items that no longer work, things that are mismatched or unused. Decide for each whether you either throw them away or store them in another room. A good advice is to be minimalist in the kitchen. Don’t fall into the trap of buying gadgets for the kitchen. Things that you will only use for special occasions or only once. For instance, egg cutters, pancakes and popcorn appliances, pizza knives.

They can be easily replaced and take too much space within the kitchen

The kitchen in itself

Then, in terms of the kitchen itself, as a room, as a space, try to set it up with the right materials to make it as convenient as possible. For example, if you maximize your horizontal surfaces within your kitchen, you can clean them faster and cook more in less time. 

Besides, regarding your useful airtight boxes, we recommend that you to prefer ergonomic square shapes. In reasonable sizes. For thoroughly organizing the kitchen, keep in mind to optimize available space. To do so, you can leave more space between two pieces of furniture where to store cutting boards, trays, table sets.
Moreover, it is essential to adapt the shelves to the height of the containers and according to your size.

Tidy the kitchen

Every square of space, corner, should be used or made ready to use for preparing tasty meals! Your drawers, cupboards should have separators and more boxes in them for more storage. Also, be very careful with the knives and other risky objects in the kitchen. For instance, you can save a special drawer for them out of reach for your kids.
Finally, try to classify and have themes for your kitchen items. Such as things for breakfast, things for big dinners, kids snack, etc.

What is interesting is that it isn’t just about tidying and cleaning. Indeed, when you start minimizing your home, you will soon realize that it also affects your well-being and your life. Having less and everything organized nicely allows you to clean your home more easily and to gain time. Gain precious time to focus on things that matter most. By buying and having less stuff around, you will focus more on quality. The advantages and benefits of house management are many/numerous and in the long term.

Since the kitchen is a significant room in your house, it might take time to organize it well.

If you aren’t sure about the process and you need to gain time, don’t hesitate to call in professionals like NeatlyTidy for organizing the kitchen of your dreams!

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