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How to Declutter your Pantry

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

— Benjamin Franklin

Food and groceries are a big part of a home organization and logistics!

That’s why kitchen organization and especially pantry organization can be a little tricky sometimes.
You may think that it is impossible to have an incredible yet small pantry? You may be surprised by the difference with our tips.

The pantry: a great space in the kitchen

To start with, in the kitchen, apart from the fridge, the pantry is an essential place for storage and organizing your food stock for your whole family. When you have a big pantry, organizing may seem it is more convenient. As having a small pantry is indeed a challenge, don’t hesitate to adopt new habits in both cases. First, like every time you want to start organizing a new space in your house, look at your pantry from the outside. Imagine how you want it to look like. For instance, you can even make it prettier from the outside every time you open the door!

You can add wallpaper or a new paint coat. On the inside, you can also think and rethink, adjust the shelves so that they respond better to your height and needs. It is necessary that your pantry, as a storage place, works for you, fits. If you imagine it from scratch, on a blank paper, it will be easier to evaluate and organize your pantry.

Tidy and organizing your pantry

Once you planned the pantry of your dreams, that it looks pleasant and ready to be optimized, you will, of course, need to tidy a bit first. Remove everything from your current pantry, clean, and check the expiration dates for every item. If it is okay, let it aside before sorting it out. If outdated, throw it immediately away.

Deal with different kinds of food

Indeed, be careful; all types of food cannot be organized in the same way. You must be very specific. It requires knowledge about the organization and also about nutrition. You must respect your needs but also rules about food storage.

As for the things you put in the fridge, be aware of what you should store in the pantry or not, and where. Then, when you have only the essentials, label them if possible and put what you use most on a lower shelf. For the rest, you can try several arrangements. But don’t worry, we will help you along the way!

Categorizing for organizing your pantry

In fact, for your pantry organization, categorizing is essential. You can start to sort out-group items like canned food, drinks, breakfast food, snacks, and so on. It will help you to be better organized once you prepare a meal. To be more eco-responsible in your pantry and food organization, you can use clear canisters, glass recipients for bulk food like pasta, rice, cereals. By viewing directly, it will also clear your mind.

If you have issues with a small pantry, different food should be considered. If you are messy and or want a better pantry/kitchen organization, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

NeatlyTidy will be happy to help you with your pantry organization to save you a lot of time in the kitchen!

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