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How to Organize Your Garage


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Cleaning up the garage can be a real pain in the neck!

Especially if you have already spent all your weekend cleaning out your garage and that the following weekend you have to do it all over again because it is so messy, dirty, and stuff. Don’t worry, and you are certainly not the only one! Fortunately, we all have better things to do than organizing a garage too often! That’s why we are here! Thanks to NeatlyTidy, garage mess will soon be a bad, long gone memory.

The garage: parking or storage

A garage is often full of outdoor play gears, tools, barbecue stuff, Christmas decorations, old paints, lawn care products, garden supplies. And amongst all of that, you must squeeze your cars in. Some items take a lot of space; others are way too numerous.

Moreover, if you don’t have another storage room in your home, you generally store in there what you can’t leave within the house. If you don’t even have enough place to park your car in the garage and if you don’t want to see anymore the mess of your garage each time you come home, it’s time to take good habits for your garage organization!

Organize your garage wisely.

To do so, start to think a little bit. To look at it differently: determine how valuable is every item in your garage. Do you need your car or several cars? Would you instead park your vehicle in an emptier space or not? At least, take back your garage organization control!

Often, your garage turns out to be so full that you can’t even fully park your car in it. Using the garage for storage can be okay if you don’t go too far and fill in with too many things.

To fit your car in the garage, to access efficiently to what you need, we guide you in the following steps.

First, start by removing everything out of the room. Do piles by seasons and categories. Of course, get rid of the trash right away and keep only the essentials.

Then, talk with your kids about the stuff that they use or not. Give the unnecessary away.

Garage safety

A crucial point about garage organization is safety. Indeed, there is often a wide range of stuff in this room. Garden, DIY tools, cleaning products… Once you have decided what you want to keep, buy boxes to start organizing what’s left. For example, you can set up shelves, fill plastic boxes adequately labeled, and then place them on these shelves carefully.

Minimalize your tools needs

Moreover, to get an organized garage, you should opt for minimalism. Ask yourself what your real needs are. Minimalize your tools needs. Indeed, one of the reasons for our house, our rooms to become messy, is because we buy before thinking about if we have a place for it. And of course, we regularly don’t have a real home for each object. You will be surprised by your actual needs. Don’t worry, and you don’t have to buy anything you could need one day. You can think about alternative solutions and other ways – for instance, how to occasionally get some tools that you need only from time to time.

To do so, you can rent them, borrow them from neighbors, friends, family, or even hire a professional who will directly do the job! It’s up to you!

Following these steps, you should already see a big difference in your garage organization! Your car should now be feeling less squeezed! Moreover, you will feel relieved to see things clearly in your garage and maybe even gain space for another vehicle!

Organize your garage and maintain it this way

Of course, it is essential to keep it maintained, along with your garage organization, needs, and habits. Don’t forget to maintain it well weekly – before it gets unfortunately too big again. We strongly recommend that you always put back what is out of the boxes, tell your husband to clean and tidy the garden tools, train your kids to return outdoor toys to the places where they belong, don’t leave anything on the floor, etc.

We hope that your garage will no longer be a problem for you and your family! If you need help on this matter and your home organization, feel free to contact NeatlyTidy!

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