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How to Organize Your Kid’s Bedroom

A year from now you will wish you had started today

— Karen Lamb

The kids’ room is a room often difficult to organize!

Many toys, sometimes instruments and books to sort out, organize, deal with.

Along with your kids, you will have to identify what this room is for and help them to keep this space tidy. The most important for them is to be able to sleep at night in a calming space. Then to play, to enjoy some downtime after school and not to forget to do their homework! That’s why, for all these needs, the kid’s room needs to be a relaxing and organized space too.

Tidying your kids’ Bedroom

To begin with, ask yourself why it is so important to organize your kids’ room! In fact, they will do most of their debut in life as individuals in this room as their main environment. As a parent, you have the responsibility to make this room and your kid’s life as pleasant as possible.

To talk with them about this space that is their own. The importance of keeping it tidy for your wellbeing as well as for themselves.

Our first advice in this direction is to have a functional space for your kids’ bed. Then, to arrange for homework/desk space. Take the time to decide with your kid for a good desk chair, a desk adapted to their height, compartments to classify his courses. A good idea also is to buy them a little desk lamp to work at ease during winter and at night.

How to organize a kids’bedroom

With a little organization and a helpful hand, you will become a professional in organizing a kids’ room.

To do so, first, ask yourself if all the objects in the kids’ room answer to the three purposed mentioned above: sleep, work, relax. For example, is a TV or a video game device essential? Or does it distract your kids from healthy growth?

If you keep them, set boundaries for their use, as for other rooms in your home, to organize well, you have first to empty the bedroom.

Make different piles: the things that will go to other rooms in the house, the things that can be given away, and the broken toys or items that will go directly to the bin. As your kids are growing fast, you will have to sort out old and new clothes and toys reasonably often. That’s why it is crucial to have good habits from the beginning! And to teach them to your kids too, to save time for all of you!

Good habits and organization for the kids’bedroom

Every surface has to be bright, clean, tidy: closets, drawers, bed, desk, shelves. Teach your kids, for example, to put away their schoolwork each night before going to bed, to throw mess in the bin, to arrange their bed, to put their toys back where they belong at the end of the day. Moreover, they will early have to take care of their clothes: to put their dirty clothes in the laundry bad, to hang up their coat. If your kids have difficulties getting good habits, if possible, do make it into a game or show them how it feels to have a clean and tidy space afterward.

Finally, if there are several kids within the same space, be careful that each of them has his bed and area for work.

Organizing the kids’ room is something you should focus on the wellbeing of your household. To benefit from our expertise on these organizing techniques for your kids’ room, feel free to write or call us!

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