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NeatlyTidy Process

Home Organizing Process

The Service includes:

Prise de Contact:

  • Request Information to NeatlyTidy
  • Assessment to fill out by the Client
  • Pictures and measurements by the Client and sent to NeatlyTidy

Evaluation of the Project by NeatlyTidy

  • Discuss the project
  • Define expectations
  • Set goals
  • Discuss timeline

Estimate established by NeatlyTidy

  • Personalized shopping list of products
  • Establishment of the contract
  • Both were sent to the client for review

Home Consultation if necessary

  • Take final measurements
  • Discuss the product list proposal, make changes if requested
  • Signature of the Contract
  • Deposit paid to book the date of the project

Mise en place

  • Shop product recommendations
  • Delivery of the products
  • Preparation of the materials

Completion of the project

  • Review, sort, and declutter the contents of each space
  • Consolidate items by category
  • Organize contents and set up functional systems for each space
  • Label all containers and bins if possible for easy identification by the client
  • Review final project with the client
  • *Review one-time adjustments f needed

*Project must be completed within 60 days from the signature of the contract

*Communication only via email between the customer & Neatlytidy through the project